Spread a Little Magic with the Santa Shoebox Project

The festive season is fast approaching us, so fast it is making me dizzy!

I guess at this time of the year, most people are focused on getting their work done in order to go on hooooooliday!! (don’t we love the festive holidays!!)

I guess doing a bit of charity is kind of the last thing on ones mind right? wrong (double-bold)!!! I think that’s totally wrong because I have been fortunate enough to follow the the folks at the Santa Shoebox Project on all social media platforms and I can tell you, people are so charitable around this time!

What an awesome job these guys are doing, pledging and volunteering for the project! The organization works really hard to ensure that children are not left with a hollow feeling during the most celebrated time of the year! (Like how thoughtful is this!!). They collect and distribute Santa shoeboxes to underprivileged children from South Africa and Namibia.

Commoners like you and I are able to pledge a Santa shoebox or boxes in order for this project to be so successful. Pledging means that you get to choose a kid of a certain age that you would like to make a keepsake box filled with essentials and presents (ah! I love presents too!).

The decorated Santa shoebox contains a Toothbrush,  Toothpaste,  Soap, Facecloth, Sweets, Toy, School Supplies and Outfit of Clothing amongst other gifts you wish to include. I guess buying age appropriate gifts can be a bit challenging but its all in the fun of things and it is probably such a surprise to the kids!

I am really all for this project! It is really, reeeeaaaallllly such a wonderful project to support- been pledging since 2014 with my one & only! And I have never experienced any difficulty in pledging or getting my boxes to the drop off because it is so smoothly organized.

Since the 2017 pledges are now closed (why am I so late with this blog? cos’ back(b)log!), I urge everyone to pledge in 2018! ONE SANTA SHOEBOX MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN A KIDS LIFE and its really, really fun if you enjoy shopping :D! (FYI, pledging usually starts around September and boxes are dropped off at a local drop off point around November).

I kind of did a step by step picture story of my boxes this year, I’m not the most creative person but I TRY so pssh, don’t judge me 😀

You can follow the Santa Shoebox Project on Facebook, Instagram, TwitterYouTube, & Pinterest (click the links, go on, check it out…. #please)

Okay, enough words; Here are some pictures 🙂 (#IhadFUNwithTHEcaptionsLOL)


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